Saturday, May 26, 2012

People of Nigeria--March 2012

We have met so many wonderful and interesting people here and so I thought it would be a great idea to show you some of these people from our March pictures.  So......introducing........
Our wonderful friend, Blessing, a true example of faith and perseverance!

Two of our PEF students and former mission companions, Emmanuel and Muyi.  Ever seen brighter smiles?

What a great picture!  Don't know these men's names but they were helping put up the screen for our presentation at Port Harcourt.  The man in brown reminds me of my Dad's old saying about "long as a well rope".

Some of the bride's beautiful friends at the wedding we attended.

Freidrich Ibe--a cutie patootie!

This shop lady begged us for a picture.  They all love a "snap"!

Some of the local girls earning money!  Talk about balance....and they run down the street like this without ever losing anything off the tray!

Walking home from school

Catching some rays while catching a ride!

One way to travel!
Another amazing vendor

Elder Satati and Elder Dixon from the Area Presidency along with Sister Karkari and us.
Our friend Elder Kalu
The beautiful Sister Chukwurah at a wedding--a classy lady and the first African to be a member of the RS General Board

Just a cute kid....can't resist those eyes!
Some pretty cool elders, Brown, Engmann and Ghunney--the 3 Musketeers!
More of the 3 Musketeers!
Mr Cool (aka Elder Brown) at his last supper!
Some great Relief Society ladies!

Godstime and Pearl--newlyweds

Friends in the fabric shop

Our friends Edith and Felicia outside our office.
Just a sampling of some of the fascinating people we have had the privilege to meet here in Nigeria!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Jessica's Nigerian Adventure with Us!

Jessica's arrival at the airport--our first glimpse of any family for over a year.  Can you say excited?

A big hug!

Made to the parking lot and found the car....happy to be together!

After an exciting (at least for Jessica) ride to our compound we were met by Felicia and Edith who could hardly wait to meet Jessica--what a great warm welcome!

A welcoming pizza dinner with the Johansens and Karkaris

No time for Jessica to settle in or get over the jet lag.  The next morning we were off to a wedding for our friends, Victoria and Smart.  It is the tradition for friends of the bride and groom to dress in a material that they have chosen.  So I had a wonderful lady, Blessing Igolo, make Jess and I dresses for the wedding.  Good thing we are close to the same size as they were just delivered to us the morning of the wedding.

A "snap" with the groom

The bride arriving and meeting Jessica

Showing Jess the infamous "Opebi Street" in front of the church--pretty quiet on a Saturday morning.  Just beside the church is an open air bar that is a parking lot in the day and a rowdy bar from about 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day.  We can hear the bass booming along all night long in our apartment.  We know that if we wake up and we can hear the music we know we can go back to sleep as it isn't time to get up yet!

The colorful guests after the ceremony

Jess made many friends--but not this one!  Many times the children love to rub your arms or face to see if white skin feels different!

More success in making friends here.  Little cousins of the bride that danced at the reception

The groom's sisters loved Jessica!

Smart is a policeman and his friends obliged us with a picture

Dancing the day away with the bride.  They do know how to party here and Jessica fit right in.  They were so impressed with how "Nigerian" she could dance!

Sunday we attended church here in Ikeja and then had a wonderful dinner with the Ibe family--some of our best friends here in Nigeria. 

Ike and Freda Ibe with Freda's mom, Georgina and their oldest son, Alston.  The other 2 boys were fast asleep so missed the picture.  Jess felt right at home with all those boys!

Monday morning we always start the day at the staff devotional.  Jessica joined us and made instant friends--especially when she handed out Smarties and Canada pins!

Visiting one of the thousands of markets here--looks great in pictures but Jessica found out that the heat, the smells and sounds add much more to the experience!

Just next door in the market I finally went into a shoe shop. And--for the first time in over a year I bought a new pair of shoes!  That is a record!

Jessica among all the fresh offerings

One of our very favorite office elders was going home this week, so we had a special family home evening with him and his 2 companions. Elder Brown (on his way home), Elder Engmann and Elder Ghunney having dinner with us.

One of the lovely ladies in the office made a very special chicken pepper soup for Jessica so we shared it with the elders.  It is pretty hot and spicy!

One day we took a little journey with Cletus Martin who works next door to us in the service centre to see his new home and farm.  This is his wife and the lovely fruts and veggies she gave to us--again, such generous people.

On our journey to the farm we found a special sign for one of Jessica's boys.  Enjoy this Carter!

We visited a school close to the Martin's home where their youngest son attends.  It was very new and they loved having us there.

Aren't they all just too cute??

Another day we took a trip to Abeokuta, a city about an hour away with our friend, Rufus driving us.  There is a tourist attraction called Luma Rock.  In the 1800's some of the people in the area lived in this small crevice between 2 rocks to avoid the war going on between tribes.  These were the remains of their houses.  Even us shorties couldn't stand up! 

Near the top of the rock--great view!

Jessica's last day and a birthday celebration for Marcus from the travel department.  For cookie Friday we also had 4 kinds of popcorn (ketchup, dill pickle, white cheddar and sour cream and onion) with spices that Jessica brought to us.  An interesting experience for many of our friends.  They love popcorn but hadn't ever tasted flavored popcorn.  Friday is usually traditional day and many woman wear their traditional dresses to work--so, Jess and I joined right in.

Jessica almost packed and saying goodbye to the Johansens.

Our airport drivers--not allowed to drive alone in the dark--so we called on our friends Victor and Prince.  Good bodyguards don't you think!!

A last goodbye hug!  See you in 5 months!

Goodbye Dad!

And there she goes! What a wonderful week we had and what great experiences we shared!