Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Weddings!

We have been enjoying more weddings lately--we love to celebrate with these Nigerian people as they really know how to celebrate.  Early in May we attended the wedding for Tola and Tunde here in the Ikeja building. 

Here is the happy couple:

Some of the nicest decorations we have seen

The happy couple posing for pictures

Some of the choir from the wedding ceremony in the chosen fabric and colors for the day.  The one with the green around her waist is Anita, one of the first PEF students we helped.  She is becoming a fashion designer (a seamstress) and made the other dresses.  It was so wonderful to see the work she is doing and the progress she is making.

She even made a matching tie for Mark!

 This is the bride's nephew, Mannaseh, in traditional Yoruba wear.  We met him in Port Harcourt on our first visit and he became fast friends with Mark.

Some of the crowd at the wedding--most dressed in colorful traditional clothes.

Mark with some of his many friends here--Doctor/Bishop Hassan, President Imo, Mark, Elder Olukanni and Charles Adebayo--all wonderful men we have met and worked with.

Just had to add this picture of Charles Adebayo and his wife, Jennifer--our very good friends and guests at the wedding.  Doesn't she look beautiful in her traditional dress?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Off to the Beach!

May 1 was a holiday here in Nigeria and we were invited to the Lagos West Stake Beach Party.  We drove for what seemed like forever to Suntan Beach--and soon felt right at home--our kind of place!  

Just a little warning as we headed in......

Off I go!

The beach--when we first got there it was pretty quiet....and long as you don't look too close to the water and the sand and the dirt and the garbage.  Let's just say I wasn't going near the water!

Nice facilities though with thatched roof cabanas..........and horses and all!

Our friend Richard picking out some jewellery from the friendly, ever present beach vendors.  Mark bought me a lovely necklace.

Young adults everywhere are the same!

Playing in the surf....a real novelty for most of our friends.  It is rare to know how to swim and most are quite afraid of the water.  One thing to notice---no skimpy bathing suits.  Actually--no bathing suits at all.  We find the Nigerians to be a very modest people.


One of Mark's little friends, Neal,  getting a boost up on the local beach ride...not sure if he likes it or not. He is a doll--and was born just one day before our grandson, J.R.

Another shot with our adopted grandson

Lots of primary kids enjoying themselves--dancing to the music!

The girls tug of war--they beat the boys 2 out of 3!

The boys hard at work!


Some of the RS dancing to the beat!  They love to dance and are not shy about it!

 A whole group having fun!  We had a wonderful day basking in the sun--even got our first sunburn of our mission--and enjoyed just being with our many friends!