Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Amazing Human Spirit!

A few weeks ago I met an amazing woman!  I don't know her name and I only spent a few minutes with her but I think she changed my life forever.  I am not sure I had ever really realized the strength of the human spirit like I did that day.

Here she is--and this is how she gets around--walking on feet and hands!

And this was her face when we presented her with a brand new wheelchair! 

This is another woman I met that day--another grateful recipient of a new chair and some new mobility!
What a lesson that day--no words can really express what I felt!  I can't imagine having that much determination to go forward and make the best of a bad situation.  Most of us would have laid down and waited to be taken care of but these two women were extreme examples of making lemonade out of lemons.  They both work for LAWMA (Lagos Waste Management Association) sweeping pedestrian overpasses with hand brooms--proud to have a job and earn their own living. 
These are amazing women!!

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