Monday, December 5, 2011


October seemed to be a pretty busy month.  Here are a few of our highlights:

We traveled to Port Harcourt again.  We don't see a lot while we are there because it is one of the areas where security is pretty tight.  So, besides our hotel room, the inside of a vehicle, and the stake center, here are a few of the highlights of the trip:

We found Canada in the middle of Nigeria!
(Did I tell you it is about 95 above...but these men thought it a little cool so they put on jackets and hats!)

Just driving down the road....not out in the fields!

Sharing the road:

Our new friend, Faith Pemu and the handiwork she is working on!  She are her husband are the cutest and nicest couple.  They were wonderful hosts, driving and taking good care of us.

Patrick and Faith Pemu

Another chance to give away wheelchairs--always rewarding!

Mark had the chance to attend the burial of a young mother that worked in the bank with the church accountant that works in our building.  It was quite an experience.

Here's the graveyard:

Don't fall in!

 Not sure if this is before or after they dropped the casket......for real!

Lowering the casket.....with a few more slips!

Getting on with the work of filling......without waiting for family/friends to leave!

This is the cement mixer!

The last few months, everyone here has begun calling Mark, "Babatunde", a good Yoraba name and a compliment to his great ability to make himself at home.  While touring through the graveyard he found a interesting discovery!  Glad to know it wasn't his!
And....the road out of the graveyard!

We had a nice Chinese dinner out with our friends, Paul and Abigail Oku.  A reward for achieving 100% repayment for all our PEF students in the month of October! (Isn't it amazing that you can get good Chinese food anywhere in the world?)

Another trip....this time to Benin where we had a wonderful time.  Can you tell??
(Do you notice how white we are??  Don't get outside much....and the smog/smoke/fog/pollution in Lagos tends to block the sun!)

A little time to relax at the hotel...a bit of an oasis in the midst of the regular Nigerian world of dirt,chaos and poverty!

There really was a purpose to the trip....2 long training sessions with about 70 leaders at each session.  Then, on Sunday we presented a Perpetual Education Fund fireside the a full house......
Two great district leaders from Benin--great men!

We had great fun hosting Ike Ibe, his wife, Freda and their 3 darling boys...Alston, Nigel and Frederick for lasagne and FHE in our tiny apartment.  Just had to get my fix of boys.......

Who can resist a face like this? Almost as cute as my own grandsons!
Loving the ice cream!

Another great event in October was the baptism of our friend, Debegreat.  Mark met him one day when he was across the street buying a pineapple. He saw a young man looking at him so asked him if he would like a pineapple.  He was thrilled to be given one, a conversation about the church began, and, after quite a few visits to our office and being taught by the missionaries he was baptized.....and we were lucky enough to be there!

Of course, it wouldn't be October without Halloween!  But, they don't really know much about the holiday here.  And--they think all the costumes we showed them (on our grandsons!) were too scary (smurfs, a cute monster and Megamind??) .  Mark found a tiny pumpkin at our local fruit/veggie vendor so we had our own jack-o-lantern.  It was quite a hit in the building but no one could really figure out why we do that.  The first question from all of them was, "Do you eat it?" There are very few frivolous things in their lives here!

Our friend Richard Ojulari and the famous mini jack-o-lantern-not sure why he wanted it on his head!

More friends join the picture....still puzzling over the use of such a thing!

And so, October has come to a close.  Another chapter in our lives here in Nigeria!  Always an adventure!

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