Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trip to Ghana--Some R&R!

Okay boys and girls, grab your hats and  we will go exploring here in Ghana.

Like all good boys and girls, we will have a yummy lunch of rice with a side order of rice and a lovely rice dessert if we listen and do what we are asked. Everyone SMILE!!!

What we are about to show you are several suspension bridges built by our friend the "Canadians from Vancouver". ENJOY..... we are several hundred feet in the air.

Go Janice and don't look down. In the far distance there could be a herd of elephants,or not!

There is no need to fear since we have our very own Dr. Fife and his wife with us in case we fall or our heart stops. In fact he has been trained on how to treat us if those elephants stampede and stomp us.

A great walk in the rainforest finished our adventure.

Since it is so hot,over 100,lets enjoy the refreshing taste of a coco bean (encased in a look-alike brain!)

Oh so sweet and tasty ,I could go all day with the energy from these lovely morsels! 

 You actually eat off the cool slimy covering and throw away the cocoa bean entrapped inside as it is very bitter.  But the covering was refreshing--once you got past the texture.

 If you are still hungry let's look for super sized termites in this super sized termite mound.

Or how about some tasty grasscutter? Just pick some up from the roadside vendors on your way home from work! One of our Ghanian friends insists it is the best meat around!

We shared a real meal with our friends, the Fifes and another missionary couple who had come in from the "bush" and had great stories to tell about encounters with snakes, police and other such creatures.  Can we say we are glad for our more urban experience--no snakes thank you!

On our journeys with the Fifes we were shown the "Christmas trees" decorated by nature.  Each of those "balls" are an individual bird's nest--but no birds were to be found!

A visit to an old slave castle was a sobering experience. Another reason to be so grateful for what we each have....and the conditions we live in. 

This is a look at the beach where the slave boats loaded up and ferried them to the larger boats anchored out from shore.

Now this beach is part of a local fishing village--and used by the villagers for many different purposes--not the least a bath after a long day of work!


 This is the "Door of No Return" where the slaves passed, shackled together, from the castle to the beach to be loaded for the slave ships.

Some of the descendants from those early slaves have returned to this castle, brought the remains of some of the original slaves and walked back through this door.  Now, on this side facing the beach, it is called the "Door of Return".
A sobering reminder of an era that hopefully will never be repeated!

After a very busy and very HOT day we headed to the beach--a beautiful and welcome sight!

The pool at the hotel where we spent the rest of the afternoon!

And then, to finish the perfect day, a pizza party on the beach with the Cape Coast mission president and his wife, their office couple, the new PEF couple from Accra, the Heids, our hardworking mentor and friend, Frederick Dei-Oppong and our wonderful friends and hosts, Elder and Sister Fife.  

Of course, the real highlight of the trip was several visits to the Accra, Ghana temple.  Mark captured some beautiful shots of the temple and its surroundings.  Hope you enjoy!

What a wonderful few days we had! Just what we needed! 

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