Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here we are!

Here we are in the middle of Nigeria! To say it has been an experience would be the largest understatement we have ever made. It has been the most exciting, terrifying, hardest, craziest, most adventurous thing we have ever done. It has certainly put us out of our comfort zone in every way possible. But--the things we have learned! I have never been more grateful for the comforts of my life--even here in Africa we live in such comfort compared to anything else I have seen. We could never imagine that people could be so happy with so little. We have seen so many things that have broken our hearts as we see these people struggle just to survive but we have also seen the joy of their faces when they greet you and the genuine love they develop for you very quickly. I struggled at first with not seeing one thing that was pretty--really, not one thing! But now I find the most beautiful things are the faces of these amazing people--and the beautiful, colorful clothes they wear. They love to dress well and they do every day. We in North America could take a great lesson from them. No matter what their job most men wear suits and ties and the women wear beautiful dresses or suits to get to work. Even the gardener and the housekeeper here at the building wear those clothes to work and then change to do their job and change back for the travel home. If the housekeeper walks over the office building for her break she will change too! They are lovely, very modest people. Here are a few pictures of these beautiful people:

Mark with some little friends--aren't they adorable?

Another friend in traditional wear.

All dressed for stake conference.

Visiting this beautiful woman's tailor shop.

My friend Lyndia from our office--on Friday many of the people wear their
traditional clothing to work.

The best missionaries ever--can you spot us?

Brother Okoro and cute little son--we drove with him for a day doing GPS work for the President in some outer area. A long day of bumpy roads!

Brother Okoro's wife with her little shop beside their house. We were so hot and tired and she quickly brought us some ice cold Maltina (a favorite drink here that is like a really strong bitter root beer--not a fan!!) but at least it was cold!! And a lovely plate of cookies too. We don't eat or drink much when we are out for the day as there are no facilities to stop at :(

Mark hanging out with the boys. Anyone remember the song,
"One of these things is not like the others, one of these
things isn't quite the same........."?


  1. YAY!!!! I LOVE the new blog!!! Can't wait to read the next posts. Did you notice I was your first follower . . . .???? Suprising, right???? Love and miss you lots!

  2. What an experience! You two have always been such a great example - I remember you speaking for YSA Conferences - you are wonderful! Looks like you are surrounded by wonderful people