Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping Channel With Mark

I love Nigeria!!!!! For you frustrated Safeway's shoppers who have to stand in the check out line for 5 minute please come to Nigeria and join us in grocery shopping at its best. As you can see, the beef is always fresh or maybe that meat is Lassie's playmate??

As you can see, there is always a small convenience store to buy a coke at:

Running after the guy with the pineapples was a task since you have to dodge the traffic, weasel yourself around 25000 people and tackle him before he disappears among the hundred other vendors selling their goods.

May favorite is buying watermelon, they are always so good and the people just love you to death.

Talking about death, don't worry, if the meat poisons you or you pick up some rare bug in the market there is always a place you can pick up a casket at a very good price. These casket shops are usually close to a hospital so people don't have far to travel since they are awkward to carry on your okada (scooters as seen in the picture).

It's all in the day of shopping in Nigeria. Now don't forget that, because of refrigeration, this experience is just not once a month but almost daily. So boys and girls,when you get a little testy at the supermarket, consider going home and applying for a mission to Nigeria. We need a new couple in about 4 months so you had better hurry!

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