Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend I had quite a memorable birthday weekend! It all started on Friday, June 10 (my birthday wasn't until Sunday) when my husband called me outside to take pictures with all the women that work in the church office building. He had asked them to surprise me with a picture of them in their traditional dress--which he knows I love! What a great idea--he is so smart!!!
Here are these beautiful ladies who took their time during their lunch to make it a special occasion for me:

After having fun taking pictures the best part happened--all spontaneous. We were standing in the lobby of the office building talking to these wonderful friends when several of them showed us the traditional dances of their tribes. We got them to do it a second time so we could capture them on video.
Here is Deborah doing a traditional Yuraba dance:

Next we had Stella doing her traditional Calabar dance:

Aren't they amazing? Did you notice Felicia in the gold traditional top and double wrap skirt? that is a traditional Igbo (pronounced ee-bo) women's dress. I loved their singing and chanting as well!
After we finished in the hallway one of our very good friends, Lyndia, came into the office because she wanted to show us the Igbo traditional dance. Let me tell you, if this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will! Enjoy!

Wow! What a start to a birthday! I still laugh every time I watch the videos! Later that day Mark also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of tropical flowers. The lady he asked for these would not take any money but just wanted to give them to me--someone I have never met!

The celebration lasted all weekend--and ended with the staff singing "Happy Birthday" after our Monday morning devotional.

It is certainly a birthday I will never forget--thanks most of all to my wonderful husband--and the amazing people we have met here in Nigeria! Can't wait for next year--yes, we will still be here :)

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  1. SO FUNNY!!! I loved these especially the booty shaking one... I totally want to learn it!! I also loved you mom trying to make the music and her laughing at you!! So great to read about your adventures!! Love you guys TONS!!!