Monday, October 3, 2011

How Many??

A few weeks ago when we traveled to Ijebu-Ode Elder Baker spent some time between meetings trying out the local transportation. The question many people fit on a motorcyle?


 How about three??

 Add a few more, then you've got five!!

(the other white guy is a Michael who is here from SLC working on the translation of the D&C into Yuraba, one of the prevalent languages here)

That is all great for a photo op.  But after the meeting we saw the real thing!

Dad and the boys on the front.......

And the rest of the family behind.......and.......Mom has a baby on her back that didn't make it in the picture!

So--the answer to our question, "How many people can you fit on a motorcycle?"  SIX!!!! (at least in Nigeria!)

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