Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Driving Adventure!

The road to Femi and Esther's wedding a few weeks ago was an adventure to say the least!  We went on our own and even Mark was sweating a little when we got there because of the road conditions on the way--the huge potholes filled with water everywhere!  So, at the persuasion of our friends at the wedding we made a 5 car cavalcade and were led a different way home--faster and better (or so they said!!)

Starting out it wasn't too bad--2 cars in front of us and 2 behind.  Does that make us wonder if they think we are the least capable??

It soon became every man for himself as we tried to figure out which way was the best--and all hoped and prayed we didn't disappear out of sight.  The white fan was a mission vehicle that was traveling with us ( and was behind us to bring up the rear but decided to try a different route)

Here in Nigeria everyone decides on their own where they want to drive...right or left lane...doesn't make any difference.  We were just trying to stay right behind the 4 wheel drive truck of our friend Marcus, who started out behind us but at this big hole decided to move in front in case they had to pull our poor little Toyota Corolla out.  Little did they know the wicked driving skills of Elder Baker---never even a slip or a slide...even in the deepest holes! 

And it did get deeper!

Almost through one of the deepest....water up on the hood at one point but that dear little Toyota just kept on going--maybe it was the prayers??

We did this for about 45 minutes, gently easing ourselves in and out of holes--wondering if we were really driving or boating at times.  Then, after that adventure we were led through another hour and a half of winding, crowded streets (you don't know the meaning of crowded unless you have been on some Nigerian streets--not sure the word street is really appropriate here, more like trails!)

So, after two and a half hours of driving, we finally arrived home--in the dark--tired and exhausted but another unique journal entry!! 

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