Sunday, July 8, 2012

Field of Dreams!

A few weeks ago we were invited to Demonstration Day at Field of Dreams Foundation for Skill Development.  That is a small school we have discovered just across the street from the Church offices here in Ikeja.  We now have 7 students there--6 in catering and 1 in fashion design. 

One of our students--and one of our favorite people here, Melissa was chosen to demonstrate how to make a Scotch egg.  That is basically a hard boiled egg wrapped in a thin cooking of sausage meat, then rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  It is a very popular treat here.

Here is the owner of the school introducing Melissa and her presentation:

This is serious business!

Maybe not that serious!  Just about finished here.
(Sorry I can't figure out how to rotate this picture!  Just lay down and you can see it!)

Now it's the volunteer's turn to try it out--and of course--who volunteers quicker than Elder Baker--no one!  Another good friend and the woman who makes my beautiful Nigerian dresses, Blessing Igolo, also volunteered to try it out--but she cheated--she makes them all the time!

Maybe he's trying out his dance moves at the same time???

Ready for frying--looking pretty proud of himself!

Another one of our PEF students and another of our favorite people, Freda Ibe, was presented with an award that day for being the most improved in our class.  Freda has already started earning money by selling banana bread to one of the markets where we shop!  It is awesome to see some of our students becoming successful--even before they finish their training.

They had 4 raffles that day--about 30 people there and guess who wins--Mark of course!  A new pillow sewn by one of the students--nice to fit in his office chair.

And surprise again--I won a fondant iced cake by one of the graduating students!  It was our lucky day!

Here is the student that made the cake.  I took it back to the office and shared it with our friends there.

This lovely woman was at the day's events and wanted to pose for a picture--she had a great smile and laugh.

A fun day seeing a few fruits of our labors!
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