Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Weddings 2!

Another wonderful day celebrating the start of a new life together for Thelma and Bestman (that's really his name so you can imagine the fun we had with that on their wedding day!)  This was a small traditional ceremony at the home of the bride's sister, Jennifer and Charles Adebayo.  We felt privileged to be invited to share this special day with their close friends and family.

Of course, lots of preparation took place that morning to prepare the food.  Here are some candid pictures of the women in the kitchen--no matter where in the world you are the best action is always in the kitchen!

 Much of the cooking was done outside the kitchen over the fire in the back.  It was still raining a bit--thus the lovely plastic bag hats on the ladies--can't spoil our hair for the wedding!

This is one of my favorites--moimoi--which is sort of like refried beans with chilis.  The women make a funnel shape with these large leaves, pour in the mixture, fold up the leaf and put them on a rack in a big pot to steam.  Peal off the leaf when done and YUMMY! enjoy.

The start of the ceremony where the bride's brother on the left (representing her family as both of her parents are "late" as they say here in Nigeria which means they have both passed away) negotiates with the groom's family for her "bride price".  The groom's family brings gifts and then is expected to pay the amount of money asked by the bride's family.  In this case, the groom requested the amount, then when it was brought, counted it carefully and with a very touching speech about just wanting to have his sister looked after very well, returned all but a small token amount.  This had never happened before and was looked on with much admiration and respect by the groom's family.

After all the negotiations, the bride finally makes an appearance. 

Part of the ceremony where the bride, on bended knee, is given a drink to take to her soon-to-be husband.

And then, again on bended knee, she offers it to the groom.  Bestman was so excited he quickly drank the whole glass--much to the laughter of all in attendance as the custom is to take a sip!

 A blessing and counsel from the brother of the bride.

A little dance to celebrate!

A quick kiss!

Bestman's family at the ceremony 

Thelma's Family

 "Mr. Cool" aka Charles Adebayo, Thelma's brother-in-law, showing how to move to a little Marvin Gaye music.  No one moves like these African men!

Some pictures with Bestman and Thelma 

 Trying to teach the white guy to dance!

Keep trying!

Thelma and Bestman with the men!

 And again with the women

 Another wonderful memory of good times spent with good people. 
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